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IF YOU HAVE JUST EXPERIENCED THE DEATH OF a family member or friend, and are responsible for making the final arrangements, it may seem like an overwhelming task. Chances are you are emotionally exhausted, and have no idea where to begin.

The choices involved in planning the details can be especially confusing if you've never done it before. We've put together the information is this brochure based on the questions we are most often asked. Once you contact us, we can take you through all of the necessary steps of the arrangement process, and give you any other answers to questions you may have.


What if the death occurs at a time other than regular working hours?
We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When you call us we'll make the arrangements and help you notify the necessary authorities.

If I call from outside the Reno area, can you still help?
We can take care of your cremation, transport or shipping needs. We can make most of the arrangements on the phone or through email.

How long will it take for you to get here?
We will come as fast as we can. We have personnel that would need to get together in one van and come out as soon as hospice or the Medical Examiner call us.

I've never handled the arrangements before; how will I know what to do?
It is our job to give you all the information you need to make the final decisions necessary after a death. We'll give you all the options and costs, gather any necessary information, and get any signatures and authorizations that are legally required. You can find both a background information sheet and a cremation form on the first page which you can use to start gathering information.

I haven't decided on a final resting place. Can you give all of my options on this decision?
We will give you cemetery information as well as other options including keeping the cremains at home.

I would like to choose cremation, but don't want a funeral. Can you still help?
We handle all of the details pertaining to cremation, and can either keep the cremated remains for you until you are ready to pick them up or arrange for them to be taken to your choice of cemetery for interment.

How much will your services cost?
You choose the services you would like, from the most basic, simple cremation to a funeral service or mass at the church. Please check the price page

How do I know the prices are fair?
Our prices are very reasonable; competition keeps them fair, we can't offer all the services that a big mortuary does but we come close. 

Is there a possibility of the State or Medicare paying for this bill?
Unfortunately not. Washoe County can help cremate those without funds.Social Security gives $255. death benefit to a surviving spouse

We have very little money to spend on these arrangements; how can you help?
We realize that the cost of final arrangements is often not planned in advance. We will be glad to help to make choices based on what you can afford. 

If you have any questions not covered in this brochure, please feel free to call us during the work day. If there has been a death at home call any time. (775) 324-4611

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